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      Use Our Bins!

      Use a clothing donation bin to recycle your clean, dry, odourless clothing and textiles!

      Make Textile Recycling Work For You

      If you are fundraising for your school, church, workplace, sports club or organizations such as Girl Guides, or Scouts, we can help arrange a textile collection to help you to raise money for your cause.

      Downsize Your Wardrobe!

      1 in 4 North American women own 7 pairs of jeans, but only wear 4 of them. Something to think about before your next clothing purchase.

      Fix Your Own Clothes

      Learn to sew! You don’t have to say goodbye to a favourite shirt just because of a little rip.

      Donate! Even if it's Unwearable

      Nothing goes to waste in the textile recycling industry. What cannot be reused is shredded, sanitized, and recycled into rags and upholstery.

      Look for Quality

      Shop at stores that use sustainable materials, organic cotton, and practice fair trade!

      Think Long-Term

      Buy classic clothes made to last and avoid purchasing too many pieces that follow trends and are low quality.  

      Swap Don't Shop!

      Swap with a friend! Organize your own clothing swap, or attend an organized one.
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