Greening the Planet, Helping Others

What you may not know about TWD is that in addition to helping to reduce textile waste in landfills and create jobs, we also help our local communities by giving back. We received a letter from our community partners, Canadian Community Support Foundation the other day, and I wanted to make sure we shared it here.

Dear Daniela,

Canadian Community Support Foundation would like to express our sincere thanks for the support you’ve provided us over the past several years. Thanks to your efforts, we have been able to provide thousands of dollars in support to various groups in our community, including such amazing organizations as the Scott Mission, Harmony House, The HOPE Centre, The Ottawa Mission, and many, many more. As our textile recycling partner, Textile Waste Diversion has played an integral role in helping us to help others. We’ve attached some photos to highlight some of the great things we’ve been able to do in the community thanks to your support.

We are proud to be partnered with such a community-driven organization as TWD, and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many years to come.

Canadian Community Support Foundation

Thank you, CCSF, for doing your part to help build a community-driven, green future with us! Here are some photos and videos of past CCSF donation events.

Work Shirt Donation to HOPE Centre

Work Shirt Donation to HOPE Centre

$1000 donation to Harmony House

$1000 donation to Harmony House

Holiday donation to Scott Mission

Holiday donation to Scott Mission


Use Our Bins!

Use a clothing donation bin to recycle your clean, dry, odourless clothing and textiles!

Make Textile Recycling Work For You

If you are fundraising for your school, church, workplace, sports club or organizations such as Girl Guides, or Scouts, we can help arrange a textile collection to help you to raise money for your cause.

Downsize Your Wardrobe!

1 in 4 North American women own 7 pairs of jeans, but only wear 4 of them. Something to think about before your next clothing purchase.

Fix Your Own Clothes

Learn to sew! You don’t have to say goodbye to a favourite shirt just because of a little rip.

Donate! Even if it's Unwearable

Nothing goes to waste in the textile recycling industry. What cannot be reused is shredded, sanitized, and recycled into rags and upholstery.

Look for Quality

Shop at stores that use sustainable materials, organic cotton, and practice fair trade!

Think Long-Term

Buy classic clothes made to last and avoid purchasing too many pieces that follow trends and are low quality.  

Swap Don't Shop!

Swap with a friend! Organize your own clothing swap, or attend an organized one.
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