Press Release: Seneca’s School of Fashion partners with Textile Waste Diversion

Seneca’s School of Fashion has partnered with leading textile reclamation company, Textile Waste Diversion (TWD), on a research project with the goal of reducing the mounds of unwanted clothing that currently ends up in municipal landfills. Media Release (01/24/2017) Toronto, ON – TWD is an industry leader, an Ontario-based textile reclamation company working in innovative ways to set new standards for the industry. An integral part of the company’s mission is to assist municipalities in reaching zero waste goals around textile waste.

Currently, 85 per cent of all unwanted clothing ends up in municipal landfills – which produces greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. With this research project, TWD and Seneca aim to address this challenge and take advantage of opportunities to shift consumer clothing disposal behaviour.

“TWD is honoured to be selected as Seneca’s partner in such an important initiative,” said TWD’s Vice President of Development, Daniela Siggia. “We are confident this program will not only help in carbon reduction, but also provide us valuable information that is sure to impact future sector development.”

Seneca’s Applied Research Fund is funding the project, which will be conducted at Seneca’s Newnham Campus. The project will make an immediate difference in the diversion of textile wastes on campus and the study is also expected to provide new information about the influence of education, examining how a social marketing campaign can change a student’s attitude and behaviours in regards to textile waste diversion. The data will be used to develop new and better textile diversion methods with study results used to support the development and enhancement of related guidelines, activities, and curriculum at Seneca.

“We created this project because our students love fashion,” said Sabine Weber, Seneca Faculty member and lead researcher on the project. “If people love a garment but don’t have use for it anymore, they should find it a new home that isn’t in a landfill. We hope this project will help to teach people about the importance of textile recycling and help people think twice before throwing textiles in the garbage.”

A Newnham campus-wide survey will be conducted as part of the research to learn about existing student attitudes and behaviours towards textile diversion. Other project initiatives include:

  • Textile waste collection bins will be set up around campus with TWD monitoring the bins and assessing the quality and quantity of the articles. This data will be analyzed with consideration given to expansion of the collection initiative.
  • A swap event that would offer students in the School of Fashion’s Applied Marketing course an opportunity to explore effects on pricing.
  • A student-run textile waste management group will be initiated and will help to develop activities and events related to textile waste diversion in order to raise awareness and education.

“This project is one of several sustainability focused initiatives that the School of Fashion is involved with,” said Gitte Hansen, Chair, Seneca’s School of Fashion. “They are part of a larger effort to promote and embed sustainability in the Seneca cultureand the values and learnings we impart on our students.”


Textile Waste Diversion is a family-owned and operated recycling company. They are leading the way in the textile waste diversion industry, building a community driven, green future. TWD supports textile recycling industry regulation and employee development. They are dedicated to setting a new standard for the industry. TWD also helps to raise media and public sector awareness of the positive environmental impact and economic potential the textile recycling industry offers local communities.


With campuses in Toronto, York Region and Peterborough, Seneca offers degrees, diplomas, certificates and graduate programs renowned for their quality and respected by employers. It is one of the largest comprehensive colleges in Canada, offering nearly 300 full-time, part-time and online programs. Combining the highest academic standards with work-integrated and applied learning, expert teaching faculty and the latest technology ensure Seneca graduates are career-ready.

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