A Clothing Donation Success Story

shutterstock_149354639Occasionally, we like to share success stories our clients have had with the clothing donation and textile recycling services we provide. Here is one such story:

A new big-box strip mall was built in an area that was just starting to be developed. Because part of the mall was still under construction, much of the public was unaware that some businesses in the development were open and eager to serve customers.

A charity committee of the big-box store at that mall was looking for ways to make extra money for their quarterly fundraising drive. They found Textile Waste Diversion and decided to host a bin on their property, with the stipulation that the foundation that owned the bin would direct proceeds to the registered charity of their choosing every quarter.

The store held a charity sidewalk sale and fair in the hopes of bringing customers to the mall. TWD attended and set up a textile recycling information booth to educate the public about  recycling, the bin and the charity it supported.

The first quarter started slowly, but after the store sent out a flyer promotion to 1,400 customers, that bin generated $500 in charity proceeds by the end of the quarter. Now that bin is so busy, we had to add a second bin just to keep up on it, and it now will generate $1000 this quarter alone that goes directly to the charity supported by the store.

If your business complex or store property has 20 people or more living or working in the general vicinity, that bin could go a long way for your community.

It costs you nothing, but does so much!

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