Bylaw Officer Appreciation Day

shutterstock_124537489Is there such a day as Bylaw Officer Appreciation Day? If not, there should be!

Bylaw Officers are often taken for granted, yet they are the ones that enforce the laws that affect us most on a daily basis.

When we think of ‘laws’ we often think murder and guns. Although that sort of law enforcement is crucial, most of us, thankfully, will never come anywhere near either. What affects the majority of the population are bylaws that govern everything that protects your enjoyment of life and the safe productivity of our communities. They govern things like how loud music plays, where garbage can be placed or where you can park your car. They govern everything that could possibly impede a citizen from enjoying their surroundings peacefully and safely.

In terms of clothing recycling, bylaw officers help enforce rules like getting permission before a bin is dropped on private or municipal property, ensuring its placement doesn’t obstruct traffic, that the bin is maintained properly and that the company that owns the bin is honest with the public and accountable.

We have had bins stolen in the past that were recovered, thanks to the sharp eye of by-law officers. There was even a situation where a competitor had stolen some of our signs and put them on his own bins that were not by-law compliant. Bylaw wasn’t fooled by that either, and not only found the culprit, but advised us of something we didn’t even know was happening!

With the power of good municipal legislation, bylaw officers are empowered to hold to account for-profit companies that divert well meaning donations from actual registered charities.

If someone has dumped a bin illegally or isn’t maintaining a bin to your satisfaction, you can call the number on the bin. If they don’t respond, bylaw will issue them a notice and can help you have the bin impounded at the bin owner’s expense. They can also be heavily fined for non-compliance.

Today we celebrate bylaw officers everywhere, and thank them for helping us be our best.

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