Got Fabric Scraps? Here’s What To Do!

shutterstock_190994900One of the questions we are asked most commonly is “what can I do with my fabric scraps?” It turns out that Ontarians are amazing crafters and sewing is a very popular hobby, likely thanks to those long winter months we are stuck indoors!

Although we are a long way away from indoor weather, we have been receiving quite a few inquiries of late so we thought we would give you some ideas.

In a pinch, feel free to throw your odds and ends in with the things you contribute to our 50 million pound pilot project . Believe it or not, these little bits are given to cat toy manufacturers or are sometimes included in upholstery applications.

Score extra environmental points by finding applications in which to reuse your fabric scraps! There are dozens of ways that you can use even tiny bits of fabric for different practical crafts as well as creating fabulous art.

This link offers 100 ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

This video shows you what you can do with the really tiny bits! 

Remember, even if you can’t use the wonderful crafts that you create from this material, when you add this to your recycling contribution, it actually adds more value to the collection than if you were just to add the scraps on their own, and you know that someone somewhere in the world will actually love, use and enjoy your handiwork!

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