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Go Green! Enviro Tips for Kids              Play_Games_Btn                      

  • Ask your mom or dad for Green school supplies! Recycled paper, re-usable lunch bags and water bottles, and pencils made from recycled newspaper are all great eco-friendly choices!
  • Walk, carpool or take the bus to school. When you share a ride, it means fewer cars on the road using gas. Ride your bike to school, and get exercise at the same time!
  • Turn off the water when showering and brushing your teeth. Run the water to get your toothbrush or body wet, then turn it off until it’s time to rinse, and you’ll save lots of water!
  • Turn off electronics when not in use. Electronics use expensive electricity, even in “stand by” mode. Not only will turning off these things save your parents money, but you’ll waste less energy, which is good for our planet!
  • Offer to sort the recycling in your house. Paper goes in one bin, plastic in another. Being helpful when it comes to recycling shows mom and dad that you care about the environment!
  • Stop using disposables. It’s convenient to use styrofoam cups, paper plates and plastic utensils and just throw them out when you’re done. But these items create a lot of waste! Use reusable mugs, bottles, plates and utensils…bring your own to a picnic if you need to!
  • How many lightbulbs are in your house? Go around to every room and count them. It’s probably more than you think! Then, ask your parents to make sure they are all energy-saving bulbs, and replace the ones that aren’t!
  • Turn down the heat! You don’t always have to crank up the furnace in your house when it’s cold. Sometimes, just a sweater and warm slippers will keep you warm in winter.

  • Get in the habit of switching off the lights when you leave a room. You’ll be amazed how much energy this one small habit can save!
  • Plant a family tree! Ask your parents if you can help them plant a tree at your house, and if you can be in charge of watering it and caring for it. Trees create oxygen and remove pollution, which is essential for life!




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