Woodbridge Mother of 3 Year old With Leukemia Spearheads Massive Clothing Drive Fundraiser


For Immediate Release (Aug 9, Toronto)  It was unexpected – like it always is. It came out of nowhere – shocking….and devastating. One day Judy Papa was a normal, busy working mother living a normal busy life – working in a dental office and living in Woodbridge, Ontario with her husband Joe and their three young children – , Brianna, Massimo, and Matteo. Then in the space of just a few hours everything changed. The family suddenly found themselves thrust into a confusing but very real nightmare…and had to learn fast how to navigate unfamiliar surroundings.

Judy’s son, Matteo, at three years old, had always been a bundle of energy. He had just started to learn to play hockey, he loves to play with his favourite toys, his siblings, and other children. )  

But recently Matteo has not been as carefree.  When he was diagnosed with leukemia earlier this year, they began a journey that no one wants to take.  As Judy dealt with the family’s new reality of hospital visits, medical tests, doctors, nurses, machines… the people at Sick Kids made a difference.  

Judy says, “From the short time Matteo has been at SickKids when he was admitted in June and still a long road ahead my family and I wanted to give back to an amazing hospital. They have made us feel inspired to give back to them… Our family have seen Matteo first hand receive the benefits of donors before us from the Clinical care to the research — from him to be on the road to recovery to him having special moments there that are family centred.”

As busy as Judy and her husband were, juggling hospital visits, that job at the dental office, the care of their other two children both they and little Matteo wanted to do something great for the people who were shining a light for them in this difficult time.

Judy  reached out to her network to see how she could make a difference.  

Luckily, that network included Daniela Siggia – Vice President of Development at Etobicoke-based Textile Waste Diversion. TWD  works with charities and municipalities to divert textiles from landfills and raise funds. The company has a strong ethical and social justice bent and leapt at the chance to help.  “What was a small idea grew once I spoke with Daniela – I asked her if I could do a local clothing drive and within minutes she made my idea bigger!”  Judy said. Daniela Siggia said  “TWD is inspired by how far and quickly this fundraiser spread. It’s always heartwarming to see a community of people rally around a family for a good cause. We are very happy that we were able to be part of this amazing initiative’ .  Daniela has also provided a drop off point in Welland at : 36 Charlotte Court.

The community has also gathered around this initiative.

Lamourie Public Relations & Marketing,has donated their services free of charge to get the word out, and have also volunteered to be the Hamilton drop off point, giving Hamilton area residents the chance to participate.  Company president Tracy Lamourie says “We were previously involved in helping to organize a successful clothing drive that TWD made possible, together we ultimately collected a mountain of clothing to assist others in need, and when we heard about this new TWD initiative, we jumped at the chance to make a difference and help little Matteo and his family thank the people at Sick Kids, too.” Drop Off: 944 Concession Street, Hamilton,

Ontario – leave them backyard near swing.

Becky Spierenburg from Burford heard about the event and sprung into action, collecting used clothes from her neighbours and offering to be the area donation drop off point.   0 Waste Mississauga, grassroots movement to reduce Mississauga’s carbon footprint through the elimination of landfills (a project by youth-led non-profit Youth Troopers for Global Awareness) have kindly offered to be the Mississauga drop off location, and  Woodbridge Lion’s Club  generously volunteered to host a special donation drop off day for the Sick Kid’s Hospital fundraiser. That event will take place on Sunday September 11 at 10am-1pm the parking lot of 200 Clarence St  in Woodbridge, ON L4L 1L5

10 cents for every pound collected will be sent directly to Sick Kid’s Hospital in Toronto.

Items accepted :  clothing, shoes, boots, outerwear, linens, drapery, purses, belts, eyeglasses in any condition as long as they are clean, dry & odourless.

More information about the fundraiser and the addresses, dates and  instructions for various area drop-off points can be found at the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1621686914828073/?active_tab=posts


Tracy Lamourie

Lamourie Public Relations


(647) 918-8565

Daniela Siggia, Textile Waste Diversion :


(888) 980-8756

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