TWD’s Green Philosophy

shutterstock_138423938As we have discussed previously on this site, being an integral member of the shift to a new green circular economy required that we changed how we viewed success. Our perception shifted to new green philosophy.

How inflated the number at the bottom line was, is now less important to us than the social and economic impacts we are having on the communities around us. That includes how much we are able to raise for charities and how much were pushing the industry forward.

The textile reclamation sector has experienced its share of growing pains and is at a crisis point in its evolution. Setting a new standard for an industry that has never been audited or regulated is a daunting task for any one organization.

Despite tireless recent efforts by ourselves and 3rd party consultants trying to inspire a collective commitment, we are still challenged to set a new standard of transparency and accountability.  Although most of our corporate colleagues are aching for positive changes, the financial and transparency efforts required remain high and it is difficult for many organizations to make the required changes.

As always, TWD will lead by example, even if at first we have to do it alone.

  • TWD is getting involved in an auditing process that will make not only our waste stream but also our commitment to charitable giving fully accessible for the general public to see. We will be part of a plan that will develop codes of conduct, bin identification and monitoring systems that will empower law enforcement to deal with problematic industry participants.
  • We are already maximizing the use of our waste stream so that we can maximize the fundraising potential for the charities that depend on us.
  • We are providing a mechanism for municipalities and businesses that will help them feel protected, proud and confident in their partnership with us.
  • We will show other industry participants that accountability and transparency is nothing to fear and that industry advancements are worth the financial investment.
  • We are transforming the Textile Waste sector into a modern green economy industry. Textile Waste Diversion is proud to be the first to set that standard and we thank you for your continued support and the continued support of the charities that we serve.

“But that is the way it has always been done” is an outdated model we reject. Together we are building a community driven, green future.

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