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The Town of Aurora, together with The Regional Municipality of York and Textile Waste Diversion, will continue its innovative project to divert textiles from landfill by expanding door-to-door textile collection to all single-family households in Aurora. The pilot,which began in 2016, collected more than 23 tonnes of textiles from 3,000 homes. Press Release (01/10/2017) – Effective Monday, February 6, residents of Aurora can contribute cloth items and home décor of any kind including clothing, curtains, towels and bedsheets. Gently worn and reusable items are welcome, as well as any clean, dry and odourless items. This includes ripped or damaged textiles which can be recycled, plus items such as purses, eyeglasses and single shoes. Textiles and housewares must be placed in plastic bags marked clearly with a “T” or items will not be collected. Collection will continue to take place the first Monday of each month throughout 2017.

“We have learned so much in the first six months of this pilot study, and are quite pleased with its progress. We are very happy that Aurora decided to expand the pilot and we look forward to helping Aurora residents have an organized and decluttered 2017.” says Daniela Siggia, VP Development for TWD.

Any material collected through this program will be sorted and processed through a local facility and either re-sold, re-used or recycled. Proceeds from this collection will be used to support diversion programs for residents of the Town of Aurora.

In addition to the monthly door-to-door collection efforts taking place, four used clothing bins have been made available to Aurora residents. For locations of the collection bins, a list of accepted items in the door-to-door collection and all upcoming collection dates, please visit

Plans for collection at multi-residential buildings are underway but will not be included in the door-to-door pick-ups.

For additional information, please visit or

Questions or comments?

Please contact the Town of Aurora’s Waste and Recycling Coordinator at 905-727-3123 x. 3447

To arrange an interview with Textile Waste Diversion please contact:

Publicist Tracy Lamourie
Lamourie Public Relations


Daniela Siggia
VP Development
(888) 980-8756

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