Textile Waste Diversion: Who Are We?

twd_logo_rev1.91Textile Waste Diversion is a Canadian company that has been on the leading edge of textile recycling for more than 15 years.

As the province of Ontario and the country moves towards zero waste, TWD is proud to be the only company in Ontario capable of recycling a minimum of 30 million pounds of used textiles per year.

Through our state-of- the-art recycling technologies, we are able to recycle 99.3% of all collected materials, one of the highest rates in Canada.

Our goal is to  move the textile recycling industry forward,  and maximize waste diversion from landfill in a transparent way.

TWD provides a key environmental and economic resource that creates jobs and diverts millions of pounds of textiles from landfills each year. We are leaders in the legitimization of the clothing donation and textile recycling business and are working closely with top industry partners to grow the industry into one that has a sustainable and community driven green future.

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